Monday, June 7, 2010

Guess what I'm doing this week,...

Oh, alright!,... I'll give you a hint:
Yeah, I get to wake my kids up.
At the crack of dawn. 
Drop them off somewhere.
For someone else to watch them.
For the ENTIRE day.
With groceries.
And pay them!
Drive all the way to downtown.
Pay $10.00/day to park.
Pack/Pay for lunch.
Leave downtown right in the midst of rush hour.
Pick up my children.
Come home to cook/clean/play/die!
And repeat again, and again, and again, and again.

All to perform my civic duty!

I am stoked!
STOKED, I tell ya!
Yep, kinda like that!


the shoafs said...

yeah...but they'll pay you like $1.50 a day for it.... gotta love it! lol

you should go all john grisham's "runaway jury" on them ;)

Michelle said...

So love the visuals!!

Liz Butler said...

Yeah, it's up to a whopping $11/day, which basically puts me,... $2 in the hole for today! Great isn't it?
And you were right on the money,... a judge came in and said he would confiscate any and all copies of Runaway Jury. Ha Ha!
Thanks, Michelle! It was important to find something that truly spoke to my emotions ;)

Anonymous said...

I got called, but only had to stay one day. It's not fun.