Monday, May 9, 2011

Can I get an AMEN?!

Usually Mondays are my work at Eclectica days. 
I take Isabella to school, take Sam to my mom's and then I go to Eclectica 
to cram as much work as I can into a few hours. 
However, due to a medical emergency, my mom was not able to keep Sam today. 

So Sam and I took Isabella to school and then went to what I like think is 
a little piece of paradise on Earth:

What is it about this place? 
Why is it that I can walk around aimlessly for hours in here? 
Why can't I ever walk in for just a few things without spending a lot more money 
than originally intended? 
Why have I never felt this way about any of the other similar stores? 
K-Mart ~ Bleh! 
Walmart ~ Eww!
And finally, why is it that in a sea of check-out lanes, 
there are only usually no more than two lanes open?

There are 24 check out lanes total. 
And the only one open was #1.
I mean, seriously?!?
Who's in charge of scheduling cashiers?
And why is it that no one seems to think it's an issue?

True story: One Christmas season a few years back, a friend of ours was at Walmart (where they have even MORE registers) standing in "the longest line of his life". Apparently, it was December 23rd, the lines were of Disney World proportions, and there were only about 5 registers open. Anyway, he asked to speak to the manager. Upon the manager's arrival, he asked why they had SO many check out lanes? The manager responded they were there to accommodate shoppers during busy times of the year. My friend put his arm around the manager's shoulders, turned him to face the mass chaos of people waiting to check out and said, "Now, I'm no Harvard Grad, but would you think THIS might qualify as a busy time of the year? I mean, it is CHRISTMAS and all!" 
HA! Every single time I remember this story, the thought of my friend's arm around the manager makes me chuckle.


Anonymous said...

I was just there this morning and I totally agree! Although it doesn't stop me from going there every other day.

Krystle said...

Hahaha! I always wonder that myself! If you're going to have 24 registers at least open 12! I wonder what Target sprays in their air that makes people love it so much--because I'm the same way =)

Kendra Littlejohn said...

OMG!!! So I'm not the only person addicted to Target...or at least the way it smells (such a distinct smell...and they all smell alike from state to state). After two weeks of delivering my son, I insisted that my husband take me to target and sit in the car with the baby while I did just a little retail therapy. I go at least twice a week and have been for a number of years. Is there an AA group for people addicted to Target? Anywho...whenever I go, there are never any more than 2-3 registers open, but like Anonymous said, it doesn't stop me from going. I have to or I don't function properly.

alison said...

our walmart here in my two-horse town is just an absolute joke. if we had a target anywhere closer than an hour away, i wouldn't even grace the wally world with my WAY too good for it presence! i am jealous of your super target.

Anonymous said...


Chelsea said...

If you think that is bad, try BEING that cashier. I used to work at Super Target as a cashier and was often that sad and tired girl. I never understood it then either!

Anonymous said...

sometimes I hear it calling to me.............

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

OMG, I wonder the EXACT SAME THING! I've been shopping at this Target since it opened. I can't think of a single time that those registers in the middle have ever been used. What's the point??!
Or when you park on the green door side and then they're only checking out at the blue door side? wtf. i hate that walk all the way to the other side after I'm done checking out!