Thursday, May 19, 2011

Right this second

I needed a haircut.
So, after dropping Sam off at school, I raced to my hair girl and asked her to perform a miracle.
By the look on her face, she was praying for some divine intervention/assistance.
I think she got it!

Right this second, this is what I look like.

The hair dye is also pulling for some divine intervention/assistance.
It's gonna need all the help it can get to cover all my gray.
I get it from my Mother.
Thanks, Mom!


alison said...

i SO need to get in on some of that action. my hair is awful. i haven't had a cut or a trim in well over a year AND it's been my natural color for *gasp* at least 4 or 5 years!! due to a deadly combination of pure laziness and a bad case of "ain't gots the times"....i don't foresee any positive hairdo changes in the near future. thank goodness summer break is in one week and i can just apply a ball cap to my head and call it done ;)

alison said...

p.s....are ya gonna update with a fresh new hairdo pic???