Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Have I told you guys that my mom makes jewelry? She does. And she is good! Her stuff is so beautiful. Anyway, after months a year (or, quite possibly two) of talking (and talking and talking) about opening an etsy shop, we're finally doing it.

I spent a HUGE part of my day today working with my mom to get all of her jewelry ready for her shop. That meant a whole lot of photos, a whole lot of measuring, a whole lot of descriptions,... a whole lot of work. And unfortunately, we're not done. I'll be back tomorrow for a whole lot more of the same.

But truth be told, I'm SO happy for her and I can't wait for her to have her shop up and running so that I can share all her pretties with you guys!

Anyway, here's a quick peak of some of the goods:
Beads and wire and flowers, oh my!
Stay tuned for the announcement of the shop's grand opening!


Katelyn said...

I super Love it! Your mom is so talented! I can't wait for the shop to open :)

Krystle said...

So cool!! Can't wait t see her shop! Good luck =)

Anonymous said...

Love every single one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

me tooo let us know when is up and running so i can buy a few pieces ;)