Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hot Dog, I missed a day! And I was doing so good. Argh!!!
I wish I had a really great excuse for you, 
but the truth is I just didn't pick my camera up once all day yesterday.
Oh, well...

Anyway, today was a VERY busy day.
It was all about spending time with friends.

Celebrating a new friend's birthday

And dinner and drinks with old friends who will soon be relocating
This is a photo from our beach vacation last year, since apparently my brain is mush and I forgot to take my camera with me tonight.

We love the Tolls dearly and will miss them like crazy!
But since I still have another month with them, 
I refuse to talk about any of it right now.
Not gonna do it!


alison said...

i am a master of denial you just go right ahead and enjoy your month with your friends :)