Saturday, May 7, 2011

Please send help!

Some say a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind...

Yeah, I think I'm in trouble! 

I normally would be embarrassed to show such a mess, but hey, this is my reality right now.
I spent all week working on being consumed by two HUGE projects:
(1) organizing and executing Teacher Appreciation Week for both Isabella and Sam's class,
(2) designing and kitting a National Scrapbook Day Special Release mini book for Eclectica.

In addition to being a chauffeur, secretary, nurse, cook, maid, teacher...
All of this while Scott was out of town.

Believe me when I say this:
(1) Being room mom is for the birds,
(2) I will never do another mini book again.... EVER,
(3) It's good to have Scott home (who is busy refereeing a big ol' fight/melt down as I type),
(4) I am giddy it is ALL over, and
(5) I'm off to a 12-hour crop, where the rules are no children, no whining,
no crying, cut your own food and wipe your own behind.

It's gonna be a good day!


Anonymous said...

I always knew "kit" could be a verb. Is that on the Weight Watchers activity list? I'm thinking it should be worth 8 points!

alison said...

i have a desk that looks just like yours right now!! except mine doesn't involve scrapbook materials (at least not this time!). hope you have a fabulous mother's day tomorrow and i hope you find your desk again :)