Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working at the car wash

Well, this is it, guys! 
The end of A Photo a Day in the Month of May is officially upon us. 
Wow, that was like crazy FAST! Wasn't it?

For all of you who played along on your blogs and on FB, 
thank you SO much for letting us peek into your daily lives... 
the good, the bad and the funny! 
Yeah, you guys totally ROCK!

And to close out the month, 
I leave you with photos of my kiddos' favorite bath toys these days...
The Hot Wheels Bubble Car Wash.

And in the event my catchy post title doesn't have you singing the song yet,
here's just a little taste of that groovy song's fab lyrics:

Hey, get your car washed today
be in our band, you don't have to pay
come on and give us a play
get it washed right away

At the car wash
talking about the car wash yeah
come on y'all and sing it for me
car wash woh
car wash yeah

Yeah,... you're welcome


alison said...

i think chandler needs one of those nifty toys! he'd love that ;)

and i worked at a car wash in college. not near as fun or as cool as i thought it would be!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You are so good with pics! I love your perspective on things I would be all, "Uh, point and shoot"

Quilly Nilly said...

I can hear you singing that song :)
Adrianna told me the other day she needed a good bathtub toy, may have to look into that one; although she'll never get out if I do get it for her.