Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Top Ten Signs that Summer Break is ONE Day Away!

1. At the beginning of the school year, I was really good about waking up early and getting everything ready for the day. Here lately, I've been getting up around 7ish and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Not good!

2. Once upon a time, when I used to wake up early, I would prepare eggs and sausage/bacon, pancakes, muffins and all sorts of yummy breakfast foods. These days, the choices are limited to oatmeal, cereal or waffles.

3. We celebrated Isabella's Kindergarten "graduation"/end of year party last Thursday. She was so excited that Mom, Dad, Tata and Sam were able to come and celebrate. We had pizza and drinks and cupcakes and fabulous goody bags. Their teacher, the beloved Ms. Long, gave every student a cute little certificate. They were all beaming with pride. SO cute!

4. All the kids in Isabella's class talked about character and the characteristics that make an outstanding character. Then they voted on who ( a boy and a girl) in their class exhibited these characteristics, and would be considered a role model for Outstanding Character. There was a tie within the boys. But, Isabella was voted the girl who was a role model for Outstanding Character. Yeah, we are SO very proud of our girl!

5. Even though Isabella is so ready for a break, she gets really sad when she thinks about not seeing Ms. Long and her friends for such a long time.

6. Sam had his end of year program today. Mommy, Daddy, Tata and Isabella were there to cheer him on. It was adorable. His class sang four songs. For days, whenever I asked what he was going to sing, his response was "I don't know!" I just knew it would be quite the interesting experience. But he did great. Very funny,... and entertaining.

7. Scott and I gave the kids their end of school year gifts today. Sam got a remote control F150 (now he has a truck just like his daddy), and Isabella got the Penguins of Madagascar Leapster game that she's ALWAYS wanted. They both got an art caddy filled with art supplies. They were thrilled!

8. We've been busy brainstorming about all of the events we want to include in our Summer Fun List this year. Stay tuned!

9. We are counting down the days of our family vacation. LITERALLY!

10. These two aren't even trying to contain their excitement!


alison said...

so exciting!! way to go sam and isabella!!! tomorrow is our last day of school so we are in a frenzy trying to get everything wrapped up. congrats to your sweet girl for being voted of highest character...that is awesome :) hope you guys have a fabulous summer vacation with lots of activities to blog about!

Krystle said...

Haha! Those two crack me up!! Enjoy summer break, it was always my favorite time of the year too but it was because I was going on break! Ha! Congrats to Miss Isabella on her being recognized as a person with high character! =)

Jessica said...

Loved the last picture!!! They are definitly your kids!!!