Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today we celebrated him

It's hard to believe that this little cutie, 
 who happened to be the ring bearer in our wedding

graduated from middle school today.
This makes me feel SO proud...
and SO ancient!

Christian Javier was my first nephew.
We have a very strong bond.
I adore him.
Scott adores him.
Our kids adore him.
And that's just us!

 Don't even get me started on the rest of our family...
I think it's safe to say he is loved.
By many.

In true Torres family fashion, he had the usual groupies there to cheer him on
and he seemed REALLY happy

But then again, maybe it was because of the King Size Crunch bar he got with his diploma.

Congratulations, Christian Javier!
We love you SO much!


Quilly Nilly said...

That last Crunch bar photo is too funny...seems like you all had a lovely day, and I love the family group photo's; very nice

alison said...

congratulations to christian! i love families that group together for fam does the same thing! and that last pic is hilarious....crunch bars make me have he same reaction ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD this one almost made me lose it. I know CJ since he was 2 years old give or take.... is soooo amazing to see him blossom into a young man. Great parents/family and genes.... definitely! ;) PROUD OF YOU Christian Javier Torres we love you toooooo! ;)

Katelyn said...

Is it sad that I remember 8th grade graduation like it wasn't that long ago? Hmmm why didn't we get crunch bars? Lol. Congrats to your nephew and you family on this cool day!!

Jessica said...

WOW!!!!!! Que grande esta este muchacho!!! Dale un beso y muchas felicidades de mi parte!!!