Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Absolutely NO dieters welcome

With most local schools starting back up next week, my brother and his wife decided to take the week off and have some fun. So we packed up the van this morning and took our very hungry selves to Harrah's Casino in Tunica to experience the phenomenon that is:
Oh yes, the Paula Deen Buffet.

Let me start out by saying I'm not exactly a fan of buffets. If I sit and think about it for too long I kinda start itching all over. There are some I will go to because they look immaculately clean and I've never had or heard of anyone who's had a bad experience. But today's experience? Well, I think I'll have to borrow one of Isabella's latest expressions and say "Oh my GOSH!" It was seriously incredible.

Now trust me when I tell you if you're currently partaking in any type of weight-loss plan (whether it's counting points, or calories, or sticking to proteins, or having itty bitty meals delivered directly to your home or eating only cabbage or pineapple, or drinking vinegar, etc., etc., etc.), then you must absolutely, positively and without any hesitation STAY AWAY!

Since we were a party of seven, we got placed in a private dining room, which was awesome! Then you have the selection of food and desserts ~ never ending and everything, and I'm actually pretty certain of this, is made with a lard base. Well,... everything except for the very unpopular and lonely salad bar. I wonder how hard they laughed when it was suggested that maybe there should be a salad station included amidst the smorgasbord of very southern, and not the least bit healthy food.

Take your pick: Pork? Sure, how do you want it ~ Fried, battered and deep fried, in the form of sausage, or bacon or ham? Chicken? What's you're craving ~ fried, baked, chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, chicken tenders? Are you hungry for some beef? There's pot roast, roast beef, cheesy meatloaf. There's an entire station of seafood that included shrimp and clams and other stuff that I don't know about because I didn't step close enough due to the fact that the mere thought of any of it make my hair hurt. How about a carb? Potatoes prepared a million different ways, macaroni and cheese (and this ain't Kraft), creamed corn, biscuits and gravy, or maybe just biscuits, or maybe you'd like to pick from 5 different types of gravy to smother your food with. Oh, and let's not forget about the catfish. I mean, you name it, they've got it. I can't even remember everything that was available.

And I haven't even mentioned the dessert station. Wait, do you hear that? No seriously, listen closely. That would be the sound of sweet angels singing their beautiful melodies as I approached the celestial dessert area.

However, I must confess I am a bit disappointed. You see, after we got home my neighbor Christie called me to ask how our lunch adventure had panned out. Well, after discussing what now seems like enough food to feed at least two countries, she asked if I had any of the Creme Brulee. WHAT? There was Creme Brulee, which is my most favorite dessert in the whole entire universe, and I missed it? Well,... I guess I'll just have to go back another day.

Anyway, I'll now leave you with a few pictures from today. It's just the kids. Apparently I was too busy eating my food to stop and take any pictures of it. Oops!

The cousins having a peaceful moment.
She is sassyness personified
This boy just cracks me up!