Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun week, baby ~ F * U * N !

Let's see where do I start with this Week O'Fun at the Butler home. Monday morning was crazy busy with errands. First we went to Walmart (ughh!) to get Isabella's school supplies (normally I would take care of that at Target, but since her list included a $5 Walmart gift card for photo processing, I just bit the bullet and got everything there), then to Payless to get her dance shoes, then we snuck into my local scrapbook store really quick followed by a trip to Costco to pick up some prints I had ordered online the night before. (By the way Marci you were right, their quality is amazing. Thanks!) I know it doesn't exactly sound like a marathon, but with these two on board everything seems to take twice as long. Finally I decided that although I had not accomplished everything I had hoped to, I was more than ready to hang up the gloves for the day/morning. So I went through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, ordered us some yummy food and home we went, you know so that the kids could take a nap and I could pass out.

On Tuesday morning, this one:
woke us up crying at about 4:05am, and then again at 5:00am saying it really hurt to go to the bathroom. The poor thing was in a lot of pain and I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong, but called her pediatrician's office and booked the first appointment they had available. As I had suspected, but hoped was not the case, it turned out she had a UTI. Luckily she's been feeling much better since Tuesday, but she's still on antibiotics to make sure everything gets cleared up.

Then on Wednesday night, this one:
drove us (get it?, drove, since he's in his little car? Ha, ha, ha,... Boy, am I tired!) to the point of exhaustion because he is teething something awful. You can actually see and feel one of his bottom teeth. So last night he was in so much pain and so uncomfortable, he just couldn't fall asleep. Here's a boy who's normally asleep by 8:00pm. Some Infant's Tylenol, as well as some other remedies, and a whole lot of rocking later, he finally fell asleep at around 10:40pm. He woke up at 3:45am screaming. Scott went upstairs and gave him a bottle, but once again he could not get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. So after a while I went upstairs and took over so that Scott could get a little more rest before starting his day.

This was the two of them this morning:
Cool as cucumbers! How do they do that? Oh, to be so resilient,... Me on the other hand well,... I look exactly how I feel and friends let me tell ya, it ain't pretty.


marci lambert said...

cute pics!!! glad you like costco's prints.