Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Screaming Chicks

Last week we had a playdate with our friends the Yoders (remember Isabella's friend Josh?). They had a doctor's appointment beforehand so the plan was to meet at their house around 11:30am for some playtime, some lunch and a whole lot of gabbing. As it turned out we got there before they did. So I called to see where they were and Cora told me to go on ahead inside and make ourselves at home. We went inside, dropped off all of our stuff and went back outside because Isabella wanted to play in their backyard.

They have quite a big house that sits on two or three acres of land. So we made our way around the house to their back patio where Isabella spotted some toys at a distance. Since I had Sam, I decided to sit on their patio and sent Isabella off to play. She started to walk on the grass towards the toys when suddenly she starts screaming at the top of her lungs: "A worm! A worm! I touched a WORMMMMMM!!!" I had no idea what she was talking about, and I couldn't see anything from where I was sitting so I got up and walked over to where she was standing to see what the big deal was.

As I look down, I don't see the worm she's screaming about. Oh no, I see a coiled up snake staring right at me while doing that thing they do with their tongue. Holy Cow!!! I had never seen a snake that wasn't confined to some kind of tank before. I honestly cannot tell you how big it really was because of the fact that (A) it was coiled up and (B) I was ready to poop my pants right then and there, but it looked HUGE! So I instantly grabbed Isabella and ran back to the patio as fast as I possibly could while holding Sam in my left arm and pulling Isabella with my right. I happen to know for a fact that her feet did not touch the ground once until we got to the patio. My poor girl,..

Anyway, I knelt down and while scrutinizing her legs asked her if "the worm" had touched her, and in her hysterical state she kept telling me over and over again that she had touched the worm. I finally got her to compose herself and asked again if it had touched her to which she responded "NO, I touched the wormmmm!!!" I guess suddenly we both realized that we were still only a few feet within "the worm's" reach and we started running towards the front of the house while screaming like the two chicks that we are. And inside we went. And I'm pretty sure I locked the door. You know, just in case.

Not five minutes later Cora and family arrived and when I excitedly tell her what had happened, after laughing quite a bit she asked me to take her out and show her where the snake was. HELLO!! As if I'm about to willingly come face to face with that beast again? Yeah, I don't think so,... Well, apparently snakes are not uncommon around their house.

Needless to say I'm really looking forward to the INDOOR playdates we'll be having at their home going forward.


Lynn Brehm said...

ROTFL! I could so see you doing this! Hysterical!