Monday, August 4, 2008

Open wide and say AAAAHHHH

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is a certified beautiful, healthy and cavity-free smile:

Isabella had her first ever dentist appointment today and to tell you the truth I expected nothing but absolute chaos during the visit. You see I am terrified of dentists. For me dentists are legal, modern torture devices. I would much rather have 12 consecutive c-sections than visit the dentist. So of course, for whatever twisted reason, I was expecting Isabella would be quite scared as well. So I did the best job I possibly could prepping her beforehand (without sounding like the scared fraud I really am) and even let her bring her beloved dog, "Copper", with her to the appointment.

Although Isabella was a bit scared of the unknown and all the gadgets in front of her, once the Dental Technician, who was awesome, explained what she was going to do, how she was going to do it and how all the instruments worked, she was so incredibly brave and willing to do whatever was asked of her. She was such a good girl and did so great. I'm pretty sure her favorite part was going to the prize wall and picking her own reward for doing so well.

Actually, this was such a non-traumatic experience for her that by the time the doctor called her name to examine her she was an old pro ~ she came running, sat on the chair, opened her mouth and when all was said and done, she happily went back to their very cool playroom. And you have no idea what a huge relief that is for me. Phew! Now, if only I could be so brave,...