Sunday, March 14, 2010

730 Days Ago

730 days ago God blessed us yet again, in a way that only He can.

730 days ago I wondered if it was possible to love another child as much as I loved my first. I quickly discovered it is.

730 days ago I first laid eyes on him, after eagerly awaiting his arrival, and fell head over heels in love, INSTANTLY!

730 days ago we became a family of four.

730 days ago I wondered how much our life would change with this new addition to our family, not knowing the changes would be many, but definitely for the better.

730 days ago my heart overflowed with happiness and joy and pride and hope and ached with uncertainty and concern, all at the same time.

730 days ago was one of the happiest days of my life.

730 days ago was the beginning of a wonderfully exciting adventure together.

Happy Second Birthday, sweet boy!!!

Sam, I cannot imagine our lives without you. You are an amazing gift from above, and we love you SO much!

PS: And yes, that is a faux hawk Sam's sporting on the above pictures. It's his pre-birthday party haircut. Isn't he the handsomest little man ever?


Michelle said...

WOnderful pics!! Happy birthday Sam!! I'm so happy for all of you - you are all truly blessed!!

Carol Rivera said...

Lizy, me encanta tu blog!!! Que inspiracion mas hermosa eres para mi. Dios te ha bendecido con esa hermosa familia y disfruto cada post que pones en tu blog. Como ves ya comence con el mio y espero poder tener historias tan interesantes y maravillosas como las tuyas. Este de 730 dias esta espectacular! Carol

Liz Butler said...

Thanks, ladies. He has definitely made our lives so much better. He had a wonderful day today. And what's funny is that his "real" party isn't until next Saturday. This party planning thing is exhausting.

Quilly Nilly said...

This post is so sweet made me want to cry, thank goodness there was Sam with his awesome hair to snap me out of it, love it! Glad he enjoyed his day.

Rachel said...

Liz, what a wonderful post. And he looks SO OLD in these pictures, are you kidding me?? Happy birthday Sambino!

Liz Butler said...

I know! This haircut added like 5 years to my little man. :(
Thanks for your kind wishes!