Monday, March 1, 2010


First of all I'd like to say that I am beyond ecstatic to have the month of February over and done with. To make sure to end the month with a BANG, Sam was diagnosed with an ear infection on Friday and is now on another round of antibiotics. Oh my goodness, for being the shortest month of the year, it was definitely a TOUGH one for us.

But March, oh March is looking really promising in so many ways. Yep, I have officially designated March of 2010 to be the month of change. And I'm not talking about the face lift the ol' blog got, which I think is really pretty if I may say so myself. I have quite a few changes I'd like to embark on during this month of new beginnings. Some of them are of a personal nature and I think I'll keep them that way, at least for now. But you know me and you know that I just have to share some of the other changes with you. Yeah, cause you know that's how I roll.

(1) Spiritual: I am so committed to starting every day with the Lord. I had gotten really good about this, but I've been slipping quite a bit lately. I've noticed that on the days that I don't have scheduled quiet time with Him first thing in the morning, I lack a certain amount of much needed patience (remember, I do have an almost two year old who is amazing and CRAZY!). So it's a date! On my calendar it goes!

(2) Health: I'm totally giving up drinking regular Classic Coca Cola (oh my, even typing it is painful).
This is not to be taken lightly, people. This is my crack! I love it! I want to marry it! I want to live with it happily ever after! But alas, I know it's loaded with heavenly sugar and other delectable poisons which are not good for me. So as a friend I feel the need to warn you that it may be in your best interest to stay away, at least until I'm done with the shakes, which could possibly take a few days.

(3) On the Home Front: It's hard to believe that we have lived in our house for almost 6 years. During that time every room in the house has seen a couple coats of paint. Some, like the kitchen, even more. Well, I say every room, but in reality two haven't seen a single coat of paint: the upstairs bathroom and our Master bedroom. The upstairs bathroom has wallpaper that needs to be removed ( I shudder at the thought). Our master bedroom,... I'm not really sure why it's been so neglected for the last few years. But regardless the reason, that ends this month! I am going to paint it and spruce it up and make it oh so pretty. I can't wait to show you pictures of the final product. Yeah, there are no before pictures to share of this project and that, dear friends, is on purpose.

(4) 30 bags in 30 days: I recently read a post in a blog that I follow where the author talks about 40 bags in 40 days. All through the season of lent (40 days) she was going to declutter every single room in her house and get rid of 40 big garbage bags filled with stuff/junk. The bags were either going to the garbage or to Goodwill. Unfortunately, since I did not start on Ash Wednesday, I don't have 40 days, but I do have the entire month of March to work on it. And yes, I know that March has 31 days, but 30 just sounds better to me. And just so you know, my goal is for there to be at least 30 bags, but quite possibly a lot more. This could be SO addictive. Get outta the way kids, Momma's on a roll!

(5) Speaking of changes, I think it's about time I update my profile picture. That's the picture I used when I started this blog almost 3 years ago. Hmm, I guess I better get on that!

Well, I think that's all for now. If I should add any more ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to my list, I will make sure to let you know.

P.S. I know you've got David Bowie's song, Changes, in your head right now:

Just gonna have to be a different "wo" man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time

Can you believe that song was originally released in 1971? One year before I was born. Geez, I feel really old right now.


Michelle said...

sorry to hear about Sam. I've decided that of all the illnesses I've had the Ear infections are the WORST. OH MY GOODNESS - can't stand the pain that comes with them - my heart and prayers are with hime!

Love your post - change is good...and you are totally embracing it. It gives me hope and motivation BOTH of which I need to make some changes as well. Even many miles apart you are still an awesome friend and motivator...THANK YOU!!

Good luck with all your "goals"...Can't wait to hear about the progress and/or completion!

Jessica said...

WOW I can't believe you're going to actually leave the coca-cola.......I mean WOW, I really hope you can, although it may be hard, but you wouldn't regret it!!!! Voy a ti!!!

Liz Butler said...

Thanks for the motivations, girls! I really need it. It's been a tough week, but I'm hoping it'll only get easier from here,...