Sunday, March 21, 2010

The hottest party in town

As many of you know, Sam's actual birthday party was held yesterday at The Fire Museum of Memphis . And I think it's safe to say that the kids had a big ol' time dressing up like fire fighters, "driving" the big fire trucks, sliding down the fire poles, and learning about fire. I loved that it was spacious and safe and the kids could (and they most certainly did!) run around all over the place.

Such a happy birthday boy.
The BIG firetrucks were most definitely the main attraction.
As well as dressing up with the firemen gear.
And catching up with old friends.
Did I mention he had a great time?
There was even a talking horse named Ol' Billy who told the kids about the history of the Memphis Fire Department during the era of the horse drawn fire apparatus. Although he did manage to scare a couple of the kids, most of them were fascinated with him.
He really did look quite real.Horse drawn fire apparatus Ol' Billy talks about.

Sam seriously enjoyed every single minute of his party.
And although I truly believe driving the truck was way high on his list of favorites, I don't think anything topped actually eating his birthday cake.
Oh, the anticipation,...
Isn't it so stinkin' adorable? The top tier was chocolate with butter cream frosting and the bottom one was almond with butter cream. And all I can say is YUMMY!
Here he is blowing out his hydrant candle.
We're so happy that everyone had a good time. And now that this one is done, I'm off to start planning Isabella's birthday. We're having some creative differences with regards to the location, but I'm hoping we can iron out all the details soon so I can start my very obsessive organized planning.


Christie Padawer said...

We had such a good time at the party. Madison loves Sam. She was telling everyone how cute he was with his faux hawk! LOL Thanks for having us. Love you guys!!!

Liz Butler said...

We were happy you could join us. We had such a nice time, even with the burning house scary guide dude. lol
Love you guys too!

Krystle said...

OMG I love this birthday party!! Puts mine to shame LOL. LOVE the Cake! While we were visiting in our quest to find a home we went past the Fire Museum and Chris was like Oh Man we have to go there! It looked like so much fun!

Liz Butler said...

Hi Krystle,
Thanks! Yes, it's a little boy's fantasy dressing up as a fire fighter and driving the big fire trucks. It is so fun and it is cheap! You can't beat that! I'm sure you guys will enjoy it once you're here.