Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've been so very very busy...

***Being that this is Sam's birthday month (yeah, that's the way we roll around here), I've been planning his birthday party. As you know, we hosted a birthday lunch for our family on the day of his actual birthday, but his big party is coming up this Saturday. So, I've been putting the finishing touches on that little soiree. I can't wait until he sees the big fire truck waiting for him.

***I've been a busy little scrapping bee. Not only have I been busy teaching some fun classes recently (with more coming up), but I've recently made some pages to display in the store.

This one was for their Same Products/Three Looks challenge:
The title is hard to read on this picture, but it says:
Beautiful in every single way.

This one is a store display using the new Little Yellow Bicycle line called Generation Z:
The journaling reads: "Seriously! Is there anything cuter than an
almost 2 year old sporting a faux hawk? I think not!

And finally, this is a store display using the new Little Yellow Bicycle line called Fresh Print Clothesline:
This talks about how two little girls who are cousins, but did not
much like each other for a while, have turned into the best of friends.

***I've been a reading maniac.
I just finished, and totally LOVED, this book:
and immediately started, and am really enjoying, this one:
I've got lots more sitting on my nightstand. And that makes me SO happy!

***I'm loving this TV show:
The cast is wonderful. The topics are real. And so far I've cried with every episode I've seen. What's not to love?

***I've been hard at work trying to get our master bedroom organized and painted and decorated, as promised on my March 1st post. This has turned out to be a bigger task than I had originally anticipated. Either it's way more time consuming than expected or I've got entirely too many balls in the air. So there may be a possibility that I won't make the March 31st deadline on this one, but I'm working hard on it regardless.

***I'm making progress on my 30 Bags in 30 Days project. I will make sure to update you and show you pictures of the results of this little endeavor at the end of the month.

Well, I think that's it for now.

Talk soon!