Friday, October 31, 2008

Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Avast ye! Ye must hear the tale of the two Buccaneers we encountered today, well in actuality it was a Lassie and a Lad.

Do not be mislead by the fact that they carry a Cutlass, for they are two of the friendliest Buccos these seas have ever seen.

The Buccos' Mother had sewn together a Jolly Roger, but our dreams of a Man-O-War scuttled before any of it came to fruition. Aarrgghh! We hate it when that happens!

Due to the lack of a proper vessel, the Seadog had to Heave Ho the Lad in a little red car, making him look like an interstate Buccaneer.

But that wasn't the only setback today, due to a recall (Thanks, China!) the Buccos did not have any Pieces of Eight, so of course it was time to go Pillage and Hornswaggle some of the houses in the neighborhood,... ahem! I mean the ships in the seas rather.

Everything was in Shipshape form, that is until the Lassie was too busy inspecting her Booty and fell down some steps like she was Three Sheets to the Wind. Shiver Me Timbers!

This picture was taken just seconds before the unfortunate fall, from which she recovered quite quickly, thank goodness.

Once the Lassie recovered, she gave her Mother a look like she was a Son of a Biscuit Eater. I think she blamed her Mother's camera flash. Blimey!

OK, here's the deal, this is way too hard. You get the point,... they were pirates.

Way back when I had started thinking about Halloween I asked Isabella what she wanted to be. I wanted to do the matchy-matchy thing you know, while I can still get away with it, and offered up a number of what I thought were some really good suggestions;

Isabella could be Tinkerbell and Sam could be Peter Pan ~ NOPE
Isabella could be Dorothy and Sam could be Toto ~ NOPE
Isabella could be a Mermaid and Sam could be an Octopus ~ NOPE

She looked me right in the eye and without any hesitation she answered : "I want to be a Pirate! A fwendly Pirate!" Okay, so what will Sam be? "Sam will be a pirate too!" That was it, end of discussion. She never hesitated, never wavered, never once changed her mind.

OK, so pirates it is. I had big dreams of how I was going to transform their wagon into an awesome cardboard pirate ship to pull Sam in, but then life got in the way and the pirate ship didn't quite happen. So instead we pushed Sam in the little red car which he LOVED!!!

Check out his unbelievable driving skills: hands perfectly placed at 10 and 2! Is this kid a wiz or what?

Anyhoo, we met up with our neighbors and off we went: two little Buccaneers, Hannah Montana a Ninja and a Skeleton,... what a crew!

Personally, I think the beauty of having young children is that you go out earlier and you are done earlier. By 7:15pm Isabella declared she was done and by the time I started this post they were both down for the night.

Yo Ho Ho! I mean, SWEET!

Oohhh, speaking of sweets,.... Gotta go check out her loot!

PS: Yes, you too can talk like a pirate. All of the pirate expressions on this post came from this website, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Seriously! There quite a few websites like it. It's totally fascinating. Do you realize that Booty, Bunghole and Poop Deck are all legitimate words in Pirate language that mean something totally different than we use them for. I tell ya,... you learn something new every day.