Thursday, October 23, 2008

School Pictures

So, we got Isabella's preschool pictures today and although they are not bad, I certainly didn't love them as much as I loved last year's pictures. Last year I liked them so much, I actually used one of them on our Christmas cards. This year she's either so very serious or her smile is as fake as George Hamilton's tan. Seriously!

Here are a few of them for your perusal. Because they are scanned copies they look a bit darker than they are in person, but you get the point. There were a total of eight poses and all of them either look like this:

So Serious
(What's a pampered three year old got to be so serious about?)

Or, they look like this:
Fake Happy(Doesn't she look like something might be hurting?)

Now listen, don't get me wrong: I absolutely adore that face regardless of the expression it's got and I'm thrilled because I have seen first hand how bad it could have been. Trust me on that one.


Michelle said...

But it's not CHUCKY!!! She still adorable!

Jessica said...

I was going to say the same thing michelle said!!!!!! jajajaja I still remember the CHUCKY face!!!!

Liz Butler said...

Girls, I don't blame you! Who can forget the Chucky face??? Yikes!

Lynn B. said...

Jensen just had his pics done yesterday for preschool...and lemme tell ya. I am scared. He HATES pictures...and when he does smile, he does the Chandler smile. Remember that Friends episode?

Liz Butler said...

OMG, that is hilarious! I LOVE that episode. I remember giving Scott so much grief when we went to have our engagement pictures done because of the Chandler smile.

You'll have to make sure to post them in FB so that I can see them. Now I can't wait!

Christie said...

HA HA. That fake smile is the best she looks like she is talking thru her teeth saying something like "If this person tells me to smile one more time I'm gonna.......!"