Thursday, October 2, 2008

Work It, Girl!

Hey, looks like someone had some fun with our little photo shoot this morning.
She looked adorable and let me tell ya, she absolutely knew it. Last year we did a cute top and pants, so I thought I'd change it up a bit and do a dress this time around. Her dress, bow and tights came from Gymboree (yeah, have you seen their new Holiday line? LOVE IT!!!). The shoes were hand picked by her from Target and although it's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, they are loaded with glitter and sparkle, just like her.

After our "shoot" Sam and I dropped her off at school. I asked her how she was going to smile for the photographer and luckily she spared me from the scary "Chucky Smiles" from last year. Remember this? Seriously, who can forget?

Other than that I have to tell you I have been SUPER productive this morning. Since dropping Isabella off and coming back home I:

* fed Sam his midday bottle and put him down for a nap (hear that? It's called silence, ahhh!)
* made the reservation for the hotel for next weekend (we got the last available room, phew!)
* booked our dog sitter, the lovely Miss Lottie (the dogs LOVE her and are going to be so excited to see her again after so long)
* scheduled Scott's eye doctor appointment (his glasses broke a couple days ago, but it's also been over two years since we've been to the eye doctor so we're both due anyway)
* called Miguel, our go-to handyman, to see if he got a quote for our new countertops (yes, a little something something we've got in the works)
* found the kids' Halloween costumes (I've been checking them out online and found the perfect ones ~ well, I just received a flyer from Party City and not only do they have the exact ones I found, but they have a coupon for $5 off and I don't have to pay for shipping. Score!)
* made sure the dermatologist I have an appointment with next month is in our network (she is)

I'm telling you, there is nothing like procrastination to light a fire under you.

OK, so I gotta go and do some more productive "stuff", but before I do let me share with you these pictures of my amazing boy. I noticed the last couple of posts did not include any pictures of him and I realize it is just not fair that I keep him all to myself.
Seriously, look at him. He's so yummy! Do you not just want to take a big ol' bite of him?


Michelle said...

You children are beautiful! Isabella sure knows how to work you ever stop and think what she'll be like as a teenage?? I know I do about Abby and it scares me to death sometimes! and yes I'd love to nibble a little on Sam! :)

Liz Butler said...

Girl, I pray for patience and wisdom every single day,... especially when I think of her teenage years. I cringe at the thought of what may be coming our way.

I think that now that Abby is 5 years old and headed to school soon, and you're in your new house and J is employed as a ahem, doctor, would be a GREAT time for you to have another. Twice the fun, twice the work, twice the worry. You'd be crazy to not sign up for that ASAP!