Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good news and everyday randomness

Good News:

Well guys, we finally got the good news we've been waiting for ~ the Mayo Clinic called my Mom today to let her know that they have accepted my Dad as a patient, complicated profile and all.
My Daddy with his crazy wind blown hair at Shelby Farms
April 2008

We still don't know when we'll be traveling to Jacksonville, FL, but what we do know is that initially he will be in outpatient treatment. He will be going into the hospital on a daily basis until they decide his condition is such that they'll need to hospitalize him, which we anticipate will probably happen sooner rather than later. I didn't speak to my Dad directly today, but my Mom says he's in a state of shock, almost like it's too much for him to take in all at once.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for all of your prayers and wonderful words. God is so good! He has purposely surrounded me and my family with an unbelievable amount of amazingly caring people who have made this difficult time much more bearable. I can't imagine what it would have been like to go at it alone. Luckily, I don't have to. Have I said Thank You?

So please keep those prayers coming so that we continue to be filled with faith, hope and physical and emotional strength during our upcoming journey, which has only just begun.


Everyday Randomness:

* My gas light lit up today and it only took $37 to fill up my tank. Yes, from E to F for $37.00. Say it with me people: Hallelujah!!!

* I know we're a bit behind, but we finally carved out 36 lb pumpkin last night. I can't believe I haven't carved a pumpkin in over 25 years. I had so much fun! Isabella picked the stencil we were to use because it had to be a "fwendly pumpkin, not a scawy one". Hey, it looks pretty friendly to me:

* I still have not made the necessary alterations on the kids' costumes for tomorrow night. YIKES!

*Our new countertops (and sink) are finally installed and I love how the kitchen looks. I like it so much I've given up on the thought of painting the cabinets, and that's a really good thing. I was SO over those cream colored countertops that showed absolutely everything. Hmmm, I wonder if I can count this as my OPAM for the month of October. Probably not,... Oh well!

Up next for the kitchen: some under cabinet lights, window treatments for the eat-in breakfast area and a tiled backsplash eventually.

* We have a family photo shoot with the very talented Marci Lambert on Saturday morning and I am besides myself with excitement, although I do have to find a pair of jeans that fit tomorrow,... this is almost as miserable for me as buying a bathing suit. Ughh!

* I made this for dinner yesterday:
and it was easy and fast and actually tasted quite good. Even Isabella liked it and that's saying a lot these days. It's a Bruschetta Chicken Bake recipe from the Kraft Foods magazine. For my WW buddies out there, it was 6 points per serving, which is a cup. I had about a cup and a half and it turned out to be a bit much. Anyway, I've gotten the magazine for a while now and have made a number of their recipes. You can find this recipe here, and while you're there take some time to browse their site for fast and easy meal and yummy dessert ideas.

* While I was making our yummy dinner last night I overheard Isabella talking to the dogs in the living room and getting somewhat frustrated. The exchange ended with her sighing, walking away while telling them: "You guys are killing me!" Where does she get this stuff?

* And just because they seriously are "Really Cute", just like her hat says, I joyfully leave you with this:


Lynn B. said...

YAY!!! So glad to hear the good news!

..and I'm there with you on the candy thing....Milk Duds. YUM.

Lynn B. said...

btw....I painted the cabinets in our old house...and MAN do I wish I would have changed the countertops like you did! Painting those cabinets were a pain in the arse. A lot cheaper than a new countertop, OY...what a pain.

I think your kitchen looks awesome!

Liz Butler said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to change the countertops and paint our cabinets forever! But the thought of sanding, cleaning, priming and painting every single one of those 40 doors makes my hair hurt. Now I'm happy enough with the way it looks that I've decided to abort that mission. YAY!

I'm sure your painted cabinets looked awesome, though. I sure do like the look.

marci lambert said...

i'm so, so glad to hear about your dad!!!!!

and your kitchen looks great.

see you tomorrow!

Jessica said...

perdoname que no te habia escrito nada. no tenia internet. pero como le digo a titi, le oro a Jehova para que les de fortaleza. y me alegra mucho la noticia de tio. creo que la mejor medicina para el ahora mismo, es verlos toditos a ustedes. los quiero a todos!!!! cuando puedas me llamas.

Michelle said...

AWESOME news!!! Kids are adorable and I love the kitchen! I'll keep praying!