Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cedar Hill Farm Adventure

Today we went on our annual Pumpkin Patch visit. For the last two years we've visited Uncle Fudd's Pumpkin Patch (you can ready about last year's visit here), but the truth is that after last year there was a "gross and creepy factor" that I just haven't been able to shake off. So we decided to change it up a bit this year and go to Cedar Hill Farm Pumpkin Patch in Hernando, MS instead. And boy, are we ever happy we did? It was awesome!

Although it's a bit of a hike at about 45-50 minutes away, it was extremely easy to find. The $8.00 admission charge covers a ton of stuff ~ train rides, hayrides to the pumpkin patch, a corn maize, a petting zoo, access to the playground, and pig races amongst other things. For additional money the kids can have their face painted, go on a pony ride, shoot a corn cannon, and a bunch of other activities. Scott and I were in awe over how unbelievably clean and well kept the grounds are (including the bathrooms!), how much there was to do, and how affordable everything was. The fact that the weather was fantastic was also a huge bonus. We've definitely adopted Cedar Hill as our new Pumpkin Patch tradition going forward. Here are a few pictures of our fun little adventure:

Scott and the kiddos:

When these people say face painting, they mean face painting:

Here's Sam being the happy go lucky baby that he normally is:

Hey, for once I'm in front of the camera (well, kind of,...):

Isabella on one of the two pony rides she took:

Sam and his very own little pumpkin:

One REALLY bad thing that happened today was that midway through our very fun adventure my camera battery died on me,... DEAD!!! And unfortunately I did not have a backup battery or our little point and shoot with me to continue the picture taking extravaganza. So I thought I'd improvise some by using my cell phone camera to capture the train ride, the hay ride and the pumpkin patch. Pretty resourceful, don't you think? Well after I took a few pictures, what do you know? A box pops up saying that my "picture memory" thingy is full. What? Are you kidding me???

So, I did what any photography obsessed mature individual would do in this situation ~ I pouted for just a few minutes, put everything away and enjoyed the rest of our time at the farm. It was such a great day!

By the way, I'm sure I'll post some pictures of the 36 pound pumpkin we picked at the patch after we've carved it. Can you believe I haven't carved a pumpkin in over 25 years? Geez, I can't wait!

Gotta go now, I have big plans for tonight and I have to go get ready. Dinner and drinks with my wonderful friends Hannah and Charlotte. Yay!