Friday, May 28, 2010


Unlike Brittney Spear's kids, my children are not allowed to have carbonated drinks on a regular basis. And definitely not caffeinated drinks. As of recently, and only every now and then, Isabella is allowed the treat of ordering a Sprite at a restaurant. Sam is allowed the treat of a sip or two of her drink. That's about it. Otherwise, their options are water, milk or juice.

And ever since my children were itty bitty, this is the reaction they have each and every time they try anything carbonated:
It's a full-body reaction, let me tell you! And although we can predict with 100% certainty that it's coming, it always makes us laugh. Isabella used to follow it with an: "Ewww!". Sam, however, follows it with: "More!".

It's crazy how very different these two are!


Tracy said...

We only allowed the girls pop on the weekends during a family movie.
I have always commented on our girls being so different, all 3 raised in the same family with the same parents and all turned out so different, yet they all have the same family values, they all really love being together. Thankfully :)