Monday, May 10, 2010

I've got a candidate for the next Hoarders episode

OK, so I have been crazy busy today. On my way to Isabella's school this morning, my Mom called and offered to keep Sam so that I could get some stuff done. SCORE!!!

So I came home and put everything that I am into cleaning Isabella's room, which is where our dear friends the Rieds will be staying this coming weekend. Oh my goodness!!! My girl is the BIGGEST pack rat I have ever seen. Can you say HOARDER? BTW, have any of you seen that show on TV? It's like a train wreck ~ you can't stand to look, but you can't look away either. So sad. Well, in a matter of no time, I filled a 30 gallon bag with nothing but junk. It's crazy the stuff that girl collects. Crazy, I tell ya!

Needless to say, I was so happy to be able to tackle that huge project without having Sam "help" (read distract, interrupt, annoy, fluster, irritate, frustrate) me. And she got really excited when she walked into her organized room this afternoon. Let's see how long it stays that way!

Since I've decided to spare you from pictures of the disaster room,
here's one of the culprit:
My little pack rat really is quite the cutie!


Krystle said...

I have seen that show! I saw one episode where the woman collected garbage and it was EVERYWHERE! When they started to move things spiders came out and that was enough for me to change the channel! lol

Anonymous said...

jaja loved this one... yes I too have seen the Hoarders show... hard to look at, disgusting to look at... but very entertaining jaja... Glad to read you could tackle and fix the pack rat's organization system :P

Liz Butler said...

In all honesty, I cannot stomach watching an entire episode. But I heard once they found a dead cat in someone's home. And her response was: I was wondering where Skippy had gone. SO GROSS!!!