Monday, May 17, 2010

Isabella's Dance Recital

As you know, our sweet girl just had her dance recital, and may I just say, she performed beautifully! Unlike last year, when she only danced tap and ballet, this year she actually had four different numbers ~ tap, ballet, gymnastics and jazz. Oh my goodness,... can you say ADORABLE?!?!

The proud grandparents:

Here she is performing her first number:
 A tap routine to Polka Dotted Puppy

Next up ~ Ballet! 
She looked relaxed and graceful and simply stunning:
 Here comes the twirl:
And there she goes,...
And the magical end with the fairy wand:

And then came her favorite part of the recital:
 An assisted back flip:

And finally, a jazz number to Big Girl's Dont Cry.
It was fast and fun and upbeat.
This one was my favorite dance!

After it was all said and one, 
her Daddy surprised her with the most beautiful flowers:
 And she was glowing.

These are her wonderful teachers: Ms. Tammy and Ms. Stacey.
And we love them both!

Here she is strangling hugging her little brother.

To celebrate her breathtaking performance, we all went to Red Robin.
And I surprised her with a celebratory cupcake from Gigi's:
Which she loved, since it was nothing short of a little piece of heaven.

We are SO proud of you, Baby Girl, and love you SO much!


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh, too cute!!

Liz Butler said...

Thanks, Terri!

Jessica said...

She's beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the LO on this event!!! (Just a little motivation - not that you need it).