Saturday, May 29, 2010

We Love Movies

It's no secret Scott and I love movies. BK (before kids), we were at the movie theater every single Friday for new releases and sometimes again on Saturday or Sunday, depending on our schedule and what movies were playing.

We started taking Isabella when she was just a year old. She handled it like an old pro ~ she sat on a theater-provided booster, enjoyed her snacks and watched the movie, from beginning to end. No problem.

Sam is, how should I put it, of a "different disposition". Due to his "different disposition", as we're calling it, we've held off on taking him for some time.

Well, today was the big day. We decided to bite the bullet and take the kids, both of them, to see Shrek Forever After. And I am proud to say that Sam was great! He was in awe of the big screen (he's such a man!) and sat on his little booster while holding his drink and his popcorn.
 And for a while this what he looked like:
Totally mesmerized!

And as much as I would LOVE to tell you that it was like that the entire time, it just isn't in my nature to lie. Yes, he got up after a while and walked around. And yes, he climbed up and down the stairs. And yes, he took the lid off his drink and spilled some on both of us. And yes, he even climbed over some seats. But all in all, he was actually really good. But I wasn't too stressed out either, being that it was a matinee showing of a kids movie.

I can honestly say we all really liked the movie and surprisingly enough, enjoyed the experience. So here's to many more kids movies to come!


Quilly Nilly said...

wow, you're definitely braver then I; not only in the fact you brought a two year old to a movie but you let him have popcorn - I still won't let Adrianna do either and she wants popcorn!

Liz Butler said...

I say you bite the bullet on both counts ~ take that girl to the movies and give her a bowl of popcorn! :)