Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loads of Fun

I spent pretty much the entire day trying to tame the monster that is "the laundry". Just thinking about it makes me shudder! It seriously felt like hundreds of loads. One. Right. After. Another. And when I finally had a minute to sit and you know, BREATHE, that darn little buzzer mockingly announced there was another load eagerly waiting to be folded.

And to top if off, as if doing laundry ALL DAY LONG isn't bad enough, this is the tip that I get for my hard work:

1. five plastic confetti butterflies
2. $.37
3. one rock
4. one felt flower with bling on top
5. two foam flowers
6. ??? ~ one mysterious object
7. a raisin (thrown out and therefore not pictured)

Yeah, I've already notified management about the crappy tipping taking place around these parts. Hopefully, someone will get right on that!


Juli said...

Liz...i thought that i would share this funny moment with my 8 year old...Yesterday was career day...my husband went with the police dog, they had a fireman come..a county commissioner came...a clerk from Target, Produce manager at Kroger, bank teller, mechanic...they had a wide variety of people with careers come...and when i asked Ainsley what she thought about all the careers she said that she was just shocked to know that Madison's mom was a homemaker and she works hard everyday without a day off and gets paid NOTHING except for when she does the laundry and finds treasures in the pockets. OMGOSH! What a hoot!

Liz Butler said...

HA! Juli, that is hilarious, but so true. Thanks for sharing! It seriously made me laugh out loud.