Sunday, May 2, 2010

I hope you dance

Yesterday, while I was eagerly celebrating National Scrapbooking Day at Eclectica's 12-hour crop with some wonderful women, I was suddenly hit with the realization that with Isabella's second dance recital fast approaching, I have still not scrapbooked any of the pictures from her first dance recital. (WOW! I think that just may be the longest sentence I have EVER written.)

Anyway, why haven't I scrapbooked them, you ask. Well, it's not because she didn't look stunning, because she did. And it's not because she didn't do an exquisite job up on stage, because she did. And it's definitely not because my heart wasn't overflowing with excitement and pride and love. Because, trust me, it most certainly was. It's simply because I have entirely too many pictures and have yet to figure out how to arrange 47 pictures on a double page spread. By the way, you can go here to read about last year's recital and see her in action.

So I decided to bite the bullet and scrapbook at least one of the pictures of that lovely event. (Don't worry, all the others will eventually make it into her scrapbook as well). I chose the last picture taken that day. It was after the recital ended, we were on our way out to the car. She was so excited and decided to show me how real ballerinas pose. Well, as you can imagine, I just HAD to capture that moment.

So I decided to scrapbook it yesterday, along with ALL the other pages I created. OK, so the truth is I was there for 12 hours and I only created a total of 5 pages. But when you're in a scrapbook store with 20 other women, surrounded by lots of food and snacks and scrapbooking supplies galore, all the talking, eating, and shopping tends to suck up a whole lot of time. And I also worked on my upcoming class, which took some time. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, here it is and remember, you can click on it to see it larger:
I decided to go really girly and whimsical on this one and I'm really happy with how it turned out. But the best part was Isabella's reaction when I showed it to her this morning. She loved it!

I'll share my other layouts (yes, ALL four) later.

Have a great Sunday afternoon!


Jessica said...

Estas pasa' mira y que 12 horas y dos o tres paginas......jajajaja si hubiera sido yo a lo mejor hubiera hecho una jajajajaja. (Es que yo pienso mucho para las paginas.)

Quilly Nilly said...

you already know how much I love this page, it's so so pretty; she's gonna love it for sure

Liz Butler said...

Jessica, fueron cinco paginas, no dos o tres, CINCO!!! Pero si, de seguro estoy pasa. ;)

Thanks, Tracey. She did love it and seeing her reaction was awesome! Did you show your kiddos the page you made of them?