Monday, May 31, 2010

The nerve

Well, this is it, my friends! This is the last post of my annual "A photo a day in the month of May" endeavor. It has been so fun to post snippets of what's been going on around here this month. But most of all, it's been great to have some dear friends join in the fun and post their own daily photos. Thank you for inviting me into your daily lives, I've really enjoyed every minute of it!

OK, so moving on to our photo of the day. We decided to go to Chick-fil-A for dinner and let the kids play for a while. After we ate our food, and while they were playing, I went and got myself one of their yummy milkshakes. Apparently, Sam was able to detect the "activity" and came running out to where we were sitting. He immediately took the milkshake from me, declared it his own and started inhaling it. Well, I looked him in the eye and told him that was MY milkshake, but I would gladly share it with him.

Apparently, he disagreed:
And so there you have it,... another shake bites the dust!


Quilly Nilly said...

love that shirt, hee hee and their milk shakes are awesome

Tracy said...

Hahah have to giggle at his facial expression. So nice of him...I mean you to share teehee.

Michelle said...

oh too funny - his expression is priceless. Sorry to know that may is over as I so enjoyed your pictures each day!!

Anonymous said...

He is so darn cute!!! I could just pinch his cheeks.

the shoafs said...

that face. oh my goodness at that face. it's worth having your milkshake stolen just to have gotten a picture of his expression!