Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May SNL Layouts

Here are pictures of the layouts we worked on during this month's Saturday Night Layouts class. I really enjoy doing this class, and have been teaching it since October of last year. But my favorite aspect is a group of "regulars", which make the class SO much fun. So thank you for that, ladies!

Anyway, my themes this month were U R My World, Dad and Summer Fun:

Since May is so busy for our family this year, I'm not teaching as many classes as I normally do. But make sure to watch the class schedule for June. I'm making up for taking it easy in May and I've got lots of fun classes I'm very excited about. So stay tuned for more info soon to come!


Bri said...

Cute layouts!

Thanks for visiting my blog as well. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, but now live near Waukesha. It's home, and I love it too! I managed to convince my Illinois-born husband of the same thing. =)

Take care!

Tracy said...

These are cute layouts.

Liz Butler said...

Thank you so much, ladies! :)