Friday, May 21, 2010

I like the way he thinks

Is there anything cuter than an uninhibited toddler?
Don't you ever wish you could be this free?
And enjoy your life to the fullest?
Especially when it comes to the little stuff?
Without caring about what others around you may think?

I know I do!

In the next week or so, let's make it a point to be as 
uninhibited as Sam is while eating his yummy Gigi's cupcake.
At least once.
And let's make it even more fun,....
Let's document it with a picture!
It's about embracing the children inside us.
And having fun!

Whaddaya say?
Are you in?

If so, please let me know.
I'd love to drop by your blog/facebook to see your uninhibited self.

But most importantly,
Have Fun!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! Summer starts for us next week so I will keep my camera on hand for awesome fun!! Thanks girl, you always make me SMILE!!!