Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flagrant Fouls

I have a confession to make: I don't much follow basketball. There. I said it! I feel SO much better now. I used to love it way back when the Bulls were the team to beat (think Jordan, Pippen and Rodman ~ Power Trio). But I can honestly say I have not watched a game in years.  I don't have a team I follow. I don't care who goes to the playoffs. Or the sweet 16, for that matter.

But I did learn a little about it when I was a fan. And I happen to know some of the rules of the game. Which is the only reason why I know what a flagrant foul is. Wikipedia defines it like this: A flagrant foul is a serious contact foul involving unnecessary and/or excessive and/or intentional contact.

Now, you may be wondering why I'm talking about basketball and flagrant fouls and such. Well, for starters, Sam was the lucky recipient of a Little Tikes Basketball set from his grandparents this past Christmas. And Sam just so happens to love such basketball set and plays with it quite often. This morning, while Scott completed some projects in the garage, the kids were playing with said basketball set in the front yard. It just happened that I had my camera on me (SHOCKER, I know!), when suddenly I looked over and saw (and luckily, captured) this here little exchange between these two players:

Which leads us to the photo of the day:

Now people, if there were any questions about what I was just rambling about, I hope I was able to answer them with the previous exhibits. This, my friends, is what the NBA calls a flagrant foul. What do you think? Does this look like unnecessary and/or excessive and/or intentional contact to you? Yeah,... I thought so too!

In other news, I cannot believe I actually got this post in before midnight. That was a close one!


Jessica said...

que cute!!!! pobre Isabella jajajajaja, awesome pictures, glad you were able to crab these flagrant fouls..

Liz Butler said...

Oh, do not be fooled, my dear cuz! I wish I would have been able to take them from a different angle so that you could see their faces. They were having a good 'ol time.

Unfortunately, I had to zoom in from a distance so that they wouldn't even know I was taking them. They finally caught on to my shenanigans when I took the last one :)