Thursday, May 27, 2010

Marketing Geniuses

Damn you, Memphis Zoo, for having these suckers strategically placed where little people can't miss them. You're marketing strategy is flawless! They were $3.00 a piece. Ouch!

I must say, they were quite tasty and kept them occupied for a rather long time. So I guess, in the end, it was $6.00 well spent. That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it!


Tracy said...

Ohh they do look good. How can a little one resist this.

the shoafs said...

my kids go nuts over those things....and then they eat about 1/16 of it, put it down, forget about it, and then something like 3 seconds AFTER i throw it away (like a month later) they are desperate for it and our day is pretty much done. i'm not positive, but i think huge lollipops are made by the devil.

Liz Butler said...

My point exactly, Tracy!
Alison, you are too funny! And I couldn't agree with you more!!! To be completely honest, it was either spending the $6 or having to live through two huge meltdowns at the zoo. Usually, I'm pretty good about not giving in. That day, I chose the huge devil-made lollipops instead :)

B said...

That does sound like $6 well spent. If it kept my little guy quiet, I'd by two! I love him but he's quite the talker. :)